The kidnapped boss sunderland company outing

Help the Boss has been kidnapped Sunderland

Help, the boss has been kidnapped Bath

Which team manages to solve the kidnapping in Sunderland and free the boss?

Help, the Boss has been kidnapped

Your boss has been kidnapped… and your team must find him! At the beginning you only get a message in which the Red Joker claims responsibility for the kidnapping. So far only one thing is certain, your boss is being held somewhere in the city centre. By solving various missions you get closer to the secret hiding place bit by bit. As you move step by step through the city centre, you have to process photo assignments, scan QR codes and complete many other interesting tasks. You can choose whether you want to search for the “real” boss or a fictitious person so that the real boss can actively participate in the search.

In this game, the game leader is not personally present on site, nevertheless he will accompany the game during the entire time via an special App.

Work with your whole team

Just so that you don’t have to go through this event completely leaderless, you investigate a fictitious case so that your actual boss can actively participate. By the end of the excursion, the selfies you have sent to the game master will give you many great pictures with which to remember your company outing for a long time.

Focus on teambuilding in Sunderland

Although you will pass by various landmarks, the game does not include any specific information about them. The focus is on the teambuilding aspect of the event and strengthening team cohesion by exploring the city in a playful way.

Group size

10 – 100 participants (more participants possible)


group sizePrice per participant excl. VAT
10 – 30£ 27,-
31 – 60£ 25,-
61 – 100£ 23,-


– Help the boss has been kidnapped (about 2,5 hours)
– Instructor (please note: not personally present)
– Use of an exclusive app


– Reservation costs £ 15,-
– Each team will require access to a mobile phone with an internet connection